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Copywriter Brain for Hire

If copywriting was as effortless as the final product makes it look, there’d be no need for brains like mine.

You see, a lot of people can write correctly in their native language. Lots of businesses offer great products and services. And there are plenty of marketing executives with clever promotional ideas.
But it takes a particular way of thinking to bind all this together, in a way that really resonates with customers.

That’s where my brain delivers something special

Using the parts which process empathy, logic, desire, creativity, language and other wonderful things, it draws from its store of knowledge and experience to create the perfect cocktail of words. Skilfully manipulating the English language for truly effective communication.

Through this, my brain provides the voice of enticement between business and target audience.

But you don’t just have to take my word for it. Check out the list of clients who have already discovered this for themselves.

Need a freelance native English copywriter?
Borrow my brain!

Miriam Young's freelance copywriter brain

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