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If copywriting was as effortless as the final product makes it look, there’d be no need for brains like mine.

Writing grammatically correct copy is hardly rocket science. Many people can do that successfully. But good grammar is just one element within the cocktail of essential skills needed to create marketing copy that really does its job.

Effective promotional text is a refined blend of commercial awareness, target audience empathy, creativity and razor sharp logic. You might have the most exciting message since the invention of sliced bread, but your audience won’t take it on board unless you present it right. And that takes a healthy dose of copywriting expertise. Which is where my brain comes to the rescue.

Been there, done that

With over 20 years’ experience of getting to grips with clients’ businesses, analysing their wishes, assimilating their visions and collaborating with their teams, my brain knows better than most how to distil input into distinctive advertising, marketing or promotional copy. Copy that’s always fit for purpose, whether it’s used for websites, direct marketing, internal communication, social media, printed brochures, videos or … well … pretty much anything. Copy that communicates worthwhile content. In a logically structured narrative. Copy that knows what to leave out, as well as what to leave in.

Check out the clients Miriam Young’s brain has served and the projects it’s been involved with.

I see what your audience sees

When you hire my brain for freelance copywriting, you don’t get a template-driven copy-mill. You get a human who will challenge every idea to make sure your message is as effective as you want it to be.

As an outsider, my brain sees you as your audience does. If you can’t convince it of your proposition, you’ve got no chance with them. So be prepared for an Apprentice-style grilling. And get the benefit of the bespoke personal copywriting service your business deserves.

Need a freelance native English copywriter and content strategist? Hire Miriam Young.

Based in Haarlem, near Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Available to clients anywhere.

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