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Copywriting services

Miriam Young has been a copywriter for a very long time!My brain draws on many years’ experience in marketing, sales, PR and, of course, copywriting, to blend the perfect cocktail of words for your business.

From advertisements to editorial articles, website content to direct marketing communications, social media posts to video and presentation captions and voice-over scripts, it’s got the know-how that puts a spring in your promotional step.

Having satisfied clients across a broad spectrum of industries, my brain has accumulated a wealth of insights that benefits every piece of work. It can get under the skin of your individual challenges and provide an outsider’s voice of reason, giving you the best of all worlds.

When I was 14, I had no idea I would eventually become a copywriter. But the writing was on the wall. If you’ll pardon the pun. I wrote a slogan which won me this encounter with England footballers Bryan Robson, Steve Coppell and Terry Butcher.


Original Copy

Whether you have a tightly defined content brief or need some creative inspiration, my brain can sculpt your requirements into copy you’ll be proud to call your own. For digital, print or voice media. Advertisements, websites, brochures, direct marketing, internal communications, VO scripts, and anything else that happens in words.
Need a freelance native English copywriter? Borrow my brain!

Editing and proofreading


Have you got existing text that’s in need of a polish? A fresh pair of eyes can spot things that familiar ones can’t. And a fresh brain can provide finishing touches which make a piece of writing shine.

When my brain checks your copy, it doesn’t just look for spelling errors and grammatical glitches. It also verifies the messaging logic and narrative flow, so your text is as credible and engaging as its content deserves. An extra sanity check that ensures your precious bundle of words is in perfect shape to venture into the world.

International English copywriter

Because my brain has spent plenty of time in countries where English is not the first language, it’s good at identifying where and how communication gets lost in translation. That makes it the perfect tool for transitioning non-native text into perfect English. Otherwise known as ‘naturalising’.

And it appreciates that if English is your second language, it’s best to keep things simple. If you want to communicate with an international audience, my brain can deliver plain language that’s easier for everyone to understand.

Translation from Dutch to English


My brain is English, but it has lived in The Netherlands for over 15 years. So it knows the Dutch language pretty well. Not well enough to write a Dutch website or become a KLM stewardess, but certainly well enough to translate from Dutch to English AND get the new English text sounding as native as its readers would expect.

That’s because my native English copywriter brain doesn’t just translate, it transcreates. Transcreation is when translation and copywriting come together to correctly interpret not just words, but also tone-of-voice and colloquial phrases that can so easily get lost in translation, if translation is all you do.

Literal translations often sound awkward and can be difficult to engage with. But transcreation restores all the energy, emotion and communicative power of the original language version.

So, if you have a website, brochure, direct marketing materials or anything else in Dutch that you want to translate to English, mijn brein staat klaar voor je!

En nu, schrijf ik een beetje in het Nederlands

Niet omdat ik goed ben met schrijven in het Nederlands (zoals je kunt zien!), maar omdat ik will demonstreren het belang van gebruiken van een native speaker waneer je wil iets te schrijven worden in een andere taal. Als je wil marketeren naar een Engels sprekend of internationale doelgroup, je heb wel nood voor een native Engels copywriter die kan goed vertalen van Nederlands.

Op zoek naar een native Engels copywriter? Of wil je een vertaling van Nederlands naar Engels? Sta ik klaar voor je!

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