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Interactive publishing

Interactive eBooks are a dynamic and engaging way to present all kinds of publications. From product catalogues and corporate brochures to induction and training programs, conference guides and instruction manuals, they provide convenient access to a rich variety of content, in a way that’s totally different to printed catalogues, websites or electronic presentations.

Interactive eBooks provide:

  • Navigational convenience of a website, without the need to be online.
  • Intuitive experience of touch screen functionality.
  • High resolution images and videos, unhindered by download speeds or data limits.

Your publication on your audience’s tablets

With most people now never far from their iPads or other tablet devices, it makes sense to share your information in a place that’s always convenient.

No need for printed brochures that add weight to a bag and are easily mislaid. No need to depend on good internet connection to get your message across (except for initial download). An interactive Ebook is stored within the tablet device that your audience already has with them, ready to use at any time, in any place.

It’s as accessible as a printed brochure with the dynamic navigation and content features of a website. You can even bookmark pages and write notes.

  • Ideal for travelers. Locally stored content can be accessed in the air, underground, at sea and elsewhere without internet.
  • Perfectly portable. No added weight, volume or clutter.
  • Paperless publication is kind to the environment, kind to your budget and fast to distribute.
  • Secure content. Distribution can be controlled and content cannot be shared or copied.

Two brains to create your eBook

Partnering with Paul Macdonald, my brain is able to plan, develop and deliver your interactive eBook. Our content strategy, copywriting and technical abilities combine with your business knowledge to create the perfect digital publication for your purpose.
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