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My brain is

Just the job

A broad range of skills.
When you need them.

My brain is available to put a spring in your marketing step through copywriting, content strategy and Dutch to English transcreation.

It can join the dots in your sales story and piece together your promotional jigsaw. A great guest member for your creative and/or practical marketing team.

Available by the hour. When you need it. Pay only for what you use.


My brain is
officially registered


All the necessary paperwork in place.
Ready to go!

My brain is registered at the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce under the business name Planting Stories, reg. 34256101, to carry out freelance activities for clients anywhere in the world, with taxes paid in the Netherlands.

This means you can hire it without the hassle of employment contracts and the additional commitments and expenses they bring.



My brain is
great value for money

Efficiency in action

100% work rate.
Zero employee commitments.

Hiring my brain as an outside contractor means you only pay for active service and don’t have to consider additional employee-related taxes and benefits.

By-the-hour charging gives you 100% work-rate, which is far more cost-efficient than employing a brain full-time just for the sake of always having it around.

All taxation and running costs are already factored into my brain’s hourly rate.