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Team collaboration

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Team collaboration

Getting the copywriting results your business wants takes more than just having a way with words. It requires appreciation of stakeholder opinions, operational workflows, visual design specifications and IT possibilities. And that means working well together with all kinds of other people.

Finding the right words is only possible when you’re armed with all the relevant information. In an ideally efficient world, one person from your organisation collates all this, delivers it to the copywriter in a nice little package, and manages all subsequent feedback discussions. Leaving the copywriter with just one point-of-contact, so they can devote all their time and attention to crafting your valuable copy. However, life doesn’t always happen like that. Getting the complete picture often means getting stuck in with the team.

That’s OK. Because my brain has the experience, understanding and skills to do whatever it takes. It’s as comfortable collaborating with stakeholders as it is aligning with graphic and IT designers. Together we can ensure the messaging is complete, correct and to everybody’s satisfaction, while maximising visual and navigational qualities.

London Olympics

As a London 2012 Gamesmaker, I was privileged to be one of the tens of thousands of cogs in the gargantuan wheel which successfully delivered the 2012 Olympic Games. My role working on the website and social media tools brought me into contact with an incredibly diverse and inspiring set of fellow volunteers, from around the world, together with fascinating insights into what it takes to put on the greatest show on earth.

Talent network

Philips Talent Team

Having been parachuted into numerous teams over the years, my brain has formed successful, if all-too-fleeting, relationships with various other freelance copywriters, graphic designers, art directors, creative directors, content strategists, project managers, IT manipulators and even scrum masters. If you need more hands on deck, it can tap into a great network of additional talent.

From Scrum Sprints to marathon running. You never know who you might meet. This is the team I ran the 2014 London Marathon with to raise money for St John Ambulance.

Teamwork achievements

Many of the projects my brain typically undertakes require collaboration with other brains. Structuring content, populating websites, devising advertising campaigns, translating technical achievements into business propositions: there have been too many to describe them all here. We all have other things to do. But it’s unfair to leave you hanging, so here are a few examples…

Philips intranet

Content editor-publisher within a team tasked with distilling over 123,000 pages into a leaner, more concise, relevant and consistent new intranet system.


Staples Vantage Point

Author of two entire issues of this B2B publication in which thought-leadership was interwoven with promotional sales campaigns and product placement.


Staples Back to School

Conceptual copywriter paired with an art director to devise promotional concept for Staples’ 2015 pan-European Back to School campaign.


Blooms of Bressingham
marketing team

Copywriter, communications strategist, project planner and publicist on an international team responsible for global marketing of garden plant varieties to industry and consumers.



Copywriter working closely with project manager to create an entirely new website, which needed to communicate the company’s ethos while explaining a complex portfolio of products and services.


Tug Training
& Consultancy

Copywriter working with tug trainers, consultants and a communications professional to produce promotional materials. A complex challenge to ensure a multifaceted message resonates with a diverse audience.


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