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ChocDecor website

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ChocDecor website

Premium Belgian chocolate company ChocDecor were updating and restructuring their global B2B website. The new copy had to be short, simple and strong to clearly communicate the company’s unique image, philosophy, brands and products to an international specialist business audience. SEO copywriting was also a priority requirement.

The client provided a wireframe, content input and keywords. My job was to create an elegantly smooth read, neatly proportioned to the allocated space, with keywords perfectly blended into both on-page and metatag copy. A fitting metaphor for ChocDecor’s beautifully crafted chocolate figurines. See the result for yourself at

Unprompted comment from client upon completion:
“Very happy with the way you followed up and the quality you delivered. Thank you very much 🙂 I’m sure we’ll know where to find you if we need more copywriting done.”

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