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Staples Vantage Point magazine

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Staples Vantage Point magazine

Vantage Point is Staples’ magazine for corporate account-holding clients throughout Europe. Through an editorial stance of providing thought leadership on office and team management, Vantage Point demonstrates empathy with clients’ needs.

To make this publication commercially relevant, each issue’s editorial content is aligned with Staples’ promotional campaigns running around the time of distribution. Specific products are also woven into the mix to satisfy vendor marketing agreements.

For issues #2 and #3 of Vantage Point, I defined and wrote the entire editorial content. From identifying an appropriate overarching theme to ensuring all articles fitted beneath it in a holistic fashion.

Conducting and forming interpretations of desk research, I was able to expand a small amount of input from surveys, inspiring articles and vendor-supplied product background into fulfilling narratives, which satisfied the editorial brief while incorporating all commercial demands.

This was achieved via regular alignment with various personnel in Staples to ensure their own stakeholders’ requirements were met.

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