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Where is my brain?

/Where is my brain?
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My brain can be wherever you need it to be

‘Home from Home’


Generally, my brain resides around latitude 52:22:83113N, longitude 4:38:42297E. Better known by most people as Haarlem, The Netherlands. Which is very close to Amsterdam.

In case you’re wondering why this website is written in such beautiful, flowing English, that’s because I am originally from England. I grew up and lived there almost 30 years before setting out to see what else this planet has to offer.

Yes, I speak a good amount of Dutch and can translate from Dutch to English, if anybody needs that done?

Today’s hi-tech communication wizardry means my brain can, in effect, be wherever you want it to be. Most projects can easily be completed remotely, giving you convenient access to my brain, no matter where you are. Or where my brain is.

Have own brain, can travel

Wine and pizza on boat v3

Sometimes it’s nice to be really human about things and exchange ideas and auras and all that good stuff in person. My brain loves to travel, just as long as the trip is financially viable, so if you want to use my brain for a project that demands a personal presence, then let’s talk about it.

Where has my brain been?

In some capacity for work, pleasure or both, my brain has been to Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Cuba, Czech Republic, Denmark Egypt, England, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Malta, Mexico, Portugal, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, The Bahamas, The Netherlands, USA, Wales.

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