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Ask the copywriter

Copywriting isn’t just about being clever with words. It’s about getting under the skin of a business to make the most of its features, enable effective communication and exude a consistent image. Appreciating the complete picture so every message lands the desired impact. Putting the right words together is only the end game.

Good copywriting can deliver immense value. But quality output depends on quality input and mutual cooperation. Your copywriter will try to understand your business. But how well do you understand how a copywriter works, what we’re capable of and what we need?

I’m going to write a series of blog articles about copywriting and working with copywriters. To help me cover the topics that really interest you, I’m inviting questions from business owners and marketing professionals.

What do you want to know about copywriting and copywriters?

Maybe you’d like to know how an experienced copywriter adds value to your business? Or could do with advice on how to brief a copywriter? Perhaps you’re looking for pointers on how to construct a worthwhile blog post? I’ll stop there before influencing your thoughts too much!

Email your questions to me
at miriam@miriamyoung.com with “Ask the Copywriter” as the subject.

If I’m able to answer yours via a blog article, I’ll let you know the moment it’s published.