Copywriting … with a purpose

Original copywriting, copy editing, copy enhancement, conceptual copywriting. Long form, short form, SEO, digital, technical, creative, B2B, B2C … copywriting manifests in many different forms for many different purposes.

Whichever you need to help your business flourish, persuade customers, inform the (social) media or get your employees and stakeholders on side, I’m your woman.

Miriam Young copywriter

I’ll help you get into pole position

Content planning … mapping the journey

Planning ahead is the key to enticing your audience

Have you planned how you’ll entice your audience?

Before the copywriting starts, your content needs to be arranged in logical structure. Just scatter gunning messages at your audience is highly unlikely to get the response you’re looking for!

Whether you’re starting a new project from scratch or want a sanity check on something you’ve already created, I’m available to analyse your content and cross-check it against your needs and ambitions.


Dutch to English transcreation … never lost in translation

English is the world’s international language. But to be universally understood, it needs to be free from contamination from other languages’ structures, styles and sayings.

Transcreation is when translation and copywriting come together to correctly interpret not just words, but also context, tone-of-voice and colloquial phrases that can so easily get lost in translation, if translation is all you do.

I provide full Dutch to English transcreation, as well as English naturalisation for texts translated from other languages.

Miriam Young Dutch to English transcreation

An Englishwoman in the Netherlands


Content planning