They say that most jobs will soon be performed by robots. Looking at the online marketing and customer service landscape, you could very well believe that. Keywords, algorithms, chatbots seem to rule the web. Even picking up the phone won’t necessarily connect you to a human. Automated communication is becoming increasingly sophisticated. So do you really need a human copywriter?

As you can imagine, I’ve thought about this long and hard. And my conclusion is ‘maybe’, depending on what you want to achieve. If your audience are just numbers to you, and you don’t think they mind being regarded as such, then program away. But if you know that success depends on truly connecting with your audience, nurturing a caring reputation, and you want to be more than just another logo and slogan, engaging a human professional copywriter is the only way to go. Can you imagine a machine coming up with the words on this page?

Yes, people have got used to relying on keywords to confirm they’re in the right place. Attention spans are getting shorter. In many ways, human appetites have adapted to what the web’s algorithms have been feeding them. Copywriters have had to learn to adjust their output to align with these new audience (and client) expectations. To some extent, (wo)man and machine are starting to merge. But keeping an audience on its toes with resonant angles, entertaining language and unexpected twists which remind us we’re still alive is an exclusively human ability.